Starting New…

Hello, my name is Sara. This blog is to show my art pieces, doodles, or any creations I have made. This will let me see and others see my progress with trying different art styles, methods and much more.

For example, this is a piece I put together in the 10th grade. I went image exploring trying to find piecing of images that I wanted and combining them all together creating only one image. I knew I wanted to do something that involved a female sugar skull. Then, I remembered that they liked to have flowers , so I threw in a flower boarder and a bunch of flowers behind the sugar skull to help her stand out a bit more. Finally, I asked my graphic teacher if I could put my design onto a T-shirt, which I did. The only thing that wasn’t included was the red coloring.

Now this is what will be filled in this blog. Either it be hand drawn, or digitally made.